Memphis Average Rainfall by Month

This page shows the average precipitation (including snowfall) in each month of the year in Memphis, Tennessee. It is based on NOAA data for the years 1991–2020.
What's the Rainiest Month in Memphis?
In Memphis, April has the greatest precipitation of any month. On average, Memphis gets 5.9 inches of precipitation in April.
However, March is the month with the greatest chance of precipitation. 37.1% of days in March will have at least some rain or snow.
What's the Driest Month in Memphis?
In Memphis, September has the least precipitation of any month. On average, Memphis gets 3.03 inches of precipitation in September.
September is also the month where rain is least common. 23.8% of days in September will have measurable rain.
Month Precipitation % Chance
January 4.14 in 32.4
February 4.55 in 34.8
March 5.73 in 37.1
April 5.87 in 32.1
May 5.27 in 34.1
June 3.99 in 29.6
July 4.82 in 30.8
August 3.37 in 24.4
September 3.03 in 23.8
October 3.98 in 24.3
November 4.69 in 29.9
December 5.49 in 33.0
Year 54.92 in 30.5
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