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Does it Snow in Minnesota in June?

December 26, 2021

We all know that Minnesota gets very cold in the winter, and that summers often arrive late in the season. Throughout the state, freezing temperatures and snow are not uncommon even in May. But does Minnesota ever get snow in June?

The answer is yes, it does happen, but it's extremely rare.

The most recent June snowfall recorded by the NOAA happened on June 2, 1998 when the tiny hamlet of Isabella, about 65 miles northeast of Duluth, received about one inch of snow.

Before that, we have to go back nearly thirty years when small amounts of snow were measured in International Falls and Grand Rapids, Minnesota on June 2nd, 1969

International Falls calls itself "The Icebox of the Nation".

The year 1945 saw more substantial snowfall, with three locations reporting snow on June 2nd. On that day, the city of Virginia received 5 inches, the most the state has ever seen during the month. But, as far as the NOAA records go, that's it. Even in Minnesota, it almost never snows in June.

In case you're wondering...

Minnesota remains blissfully free of snow in July and August as well. The snows return in September, with the earliest recorded snowfall happening in International Falls on September 14, 1964.