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Places that Set Cold Records in 2021

February 22, 2022

Earlier, we brought you Places that Set Heat Records in 2021, including the hottest temperature ever reliably recorded on Earth. But 2021 had some wacky weather and now its time to look at places that set records for the coldest temperature recorded in their history. What did we find?
Uranium City, Saskatchewan
-56 °F (-48.9 °C)
Life is hard in this nearly-abandoned uranium mining town in northwest Saskatchewan. More so when the temperature falls to all-time lows that make Minnesota seem balmy in comparison.
-51 °F (-46.1 °C)
Appropriately, this small town has a giant sculpture of a turtle riding a snowmobile.
-28 °F (-33.2 °C)
Your dad probably remembers when the weather in Sioux City was really cold, not like today. Kids today are soft. Your dad is wrong. Last February was colder in Sioux City than any time since at least 1948.
-14 °F (-25.5 °C)
OKC's new record low shattered the old mark by more than 5° F.
-13 °F (-25.0 °C)
The Great Texas Freeze of 2021 brought sub-freezing temperatures to most of the state in February 2021. Although no major cities set all-time records, a few smaller places did, including the city of Marshall near the Louisiana border. Marshall's low temperature on February 16 was 52.5 °F below the average for that day of the year.
In the far northeast corner of the state, temperatures dropped even further. Lipscomb Country recorded a low of -19 °F, just four degrees off of the all-time record for the lowest temperature in Texas history.
-13 °F (-24.9 °C)
1 °F (-17.1 °C)