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2023 Weather Records

January 05, 2024

Another year has flown by. 2023 is history, which means its time to look at the weather records which were broken during the calendar year. As expected, there were more heat records than cold records, but we can still spice it up with lots of variety. Without further ado, here are the records!

China set a record for the highest temperature in its history, reaching 52.2 °C (126.0 °F) in Xinjiang province in July.

Oh look, China also set a record for the coldest temperature in its history. That happened on January 22nd when the mercury fell to an incredible −53.0 °C (−63.4 °F) in northern Manchuria.

Pandas don't live anywhere near northern Manchuria, but you get the gist.

Several other countries also set records for their hottest temperature ever recorded including:

  • Morocco – 50.4 °C (122.7 °F)
  • Turkey – 49.5 °C (121.1 °F)
  • Chad – 48.0 °C (118.4 °F)
  • Thailand – 45.4 °C (113.7 °F)
  • Brazil – 44.8 °C (112.6 °F)
  • Albania – 44.0 °C (111.2 °F)
  • Vietnam – 44.2 °C (111.6 °F)
  • Laos – 43.5 °C (110.3 °F)
  • Peru – 41.6 °C (106.9 °F)
  • Guyana – 40.1 °C (104.2 °F)
Houston, we have a problem.

Houston set a mark for its highest temperature ever (109 °F) as well as the most days over 100° F.

In Austin, the temperature reached 100 °F on October 4th, the latest it has ever done so.

Texas as a whole was blisteringly hot. 2023 was the hottest year in Texas history, with an average high temperature of 80.5° F statewide.

Phoenix had a year. The average high temperature in July was nearly 115 °F. The high temperature was at least 110 °F for 31 straight days and for 16 straight days the temperature never fell below 91° F.

It was powerful stifling in New Orleans, which set a record with a temperature of 105 °F on August 27th. In all, it reached 100 °F on a record 17 different days. The previous record was 7.

Jack Frost got lost on his way to the Big Apple. New York City had by far the warmest January in its history with an average high temperature of 50 °F, more than 10° F above normal.

London Heathrow airport had a record 21 straight days with rain.

"I can beat that" said Oxford who had a record 27 rainy days in a row..

Confirming the worst stereotypes about England.

Colorado Springs had the rainiest month its its history in June, but it was only 9.6 inches.

Madrid, Spain had the rainiest day in its history, with 4.2 inches (10.8 cm) on October 19th.

Hartford, Connecticut reached 96° F on April 14th. That seems pretty early in the season, doesn't it?

Death Valley had the rainiest day in its history, with 2.2 inches on August 20th. That happens to be the exactly how much rain Death Valley gets in a typical year. It's not a lot.

Hope you enjoyed the blog and see you next year!